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Task Force Chair
Barbara Healy

Chris Bjerregaard
Lindsay Green
Bob Hamel
Larry Lavers
Mary Lussier
Georgina Macdonald
Keith Maloney
Susan Maloney
Merritt Meyer
Berta Raposo
Steve Roth
Paul Sanroma

Waterfront Task Force

Welcome to the Voices Waterfront Task Force


To optimize and promote the responsible future development of the water resource that surrounds Bristol by maximizing public access, encouraging its commercial and recreational use and supporting appropriate commercial expansion while having no adverse impact on the water and/or its environs.

To achieve this mission, the Waterfront Task Force considers many factors that affect the town’s most important resource. Some of them are:

  • Protection of the waterfront from overdevelopment and ecological damage
  • Ensuring adequate public access, so that residents may benefit from waterfront activities   such as boating, fishing, swimming, etc.
  • Supporting the local fishing industry
  • Promoting boating safety
  • Providing public gathering places at the waterfront for relaxation, conversation, etc.
  • Encouraging beautification projects

The Waterfront Task Force, as a citizens’ group, strives to work with Bristol’s Harbor Commission, Town Council and other organizations to achieve our objectives. To this end, the Task Force monitors plans and regulations that affect coastal waters and recommends modifications to town officials as appropriate.

These are some recent accomplishments of the Task Force:

  • Presentation of a draft Harbormaster job description to Town Council for consideration
  • Placing signs on the Stone Harbour boardwalk that restrict bikes and rollerblades in the interest of pedestrian safety
  • Transfer of Guiteras School dock at Independence Park to the Harbormaster’s office and subsequent modification to make it suitable for use as a public dinghy dock
  • Ongoing monitoring of Robin Rug Factory development with suggestions presented to Town Council for optimal overall benefit to the town as development progresses

The Waterfront Task Force continues to be committed to its mission and welcomes any citizen who has an interest in issues pertaining to Bristol’s waterfront.