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Task Force Chair
Kevin Faria
Samantha Faria

Bob Arruda
Karen Binder
June Bjerregaard
Michael Byrnes
Bruce Carlsten
Joseph Cuillo
Kirsten DiChiappari
Carol Glanville
Carrie Ann Marshall
Haven Miles
Kara Kelly Milner
Mary Reilly

Education Task Force

The Education Task Force worked with the School District and Mosaico to grow the Mentoring program, expanding it to the High School.

They are also working to expand the History Kids program, organized by Carol Glanville, to all the elementary schools in the District.

Accomplishments of the Education Task Force:

  • Decided to focus on 3 issues: dropout rate, parental involvement, and perception of the school district by the community.

  • Invited various members of the community to speak to our group so we could learn more about the above issues. These visitors included Jenny Astrella, Mosaico CDC's Director, Dr. Ed Mara, Superintendent, and Melinda Thies, Assistant Superintendent.

  • Asked to sit on the Mentoring Advisory Board for Mosaico

  • Attended the Mount Hope School Improvement Team meeting to bring attention to the mentoring program

  • Hosted an informative meeting with two non-incumbent candidates for the Bristol Warren School Committee.

  • Followed up that meeting with a letter to the Bristol Phoenix providing information to the public about these two candidates.

If you would like to know more about these programs or want to get involved in Educational issues, please conact Samantha Faria.