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Task Forces News and Announcements

Steering Committee

Diana Campbell, Chair
Linda Arruda
Chris Bjerregaard
Joyce Bryant
Cara Cromwell
Kevin Faria
Samantha Faria
Charles Garcia
Lindsay Green
Barbara Healy
Susan Maloney
Jack Reinholt

Task Force Chairs

Chris Bjerregaard
Kevin Faria
Samantha Faria
Barbara Healy

Photos from the Forum
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Bob Aldrich


Check in

Jack Reinholt

Keith Maloney

Mary Ann Allen

Rachael Holt



Trish Perry and Andrea Chason

Diana Campbell

Mary Parella and Kristine Campagna

Lou Cirillo

Buffet Table

Krystal and Frankie

Steve Roth

Susan Maloney

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Promotional Photos

On February 2, Charlie Garcia, Fred Pacheco and Diana Campbell taped a promotional show for Voices for Bristol's Future to be broadcast on Full Channel Cable TV. The show is schedule to run on Saturday, February 3, 8:30 pm and Sunday, February 4, 5:30 pm, and several times more during the month of February. Here are some photos from that taping session, taken by Lindsay Green.

Diana and Charlie
Preparing for the show
Diana and Fred


Civic Engagement
Preserve Bristol December 7, 2006 meeting: Civic engagement at work after Diana Campbell's talk on the 'Voices for Bristol's Future' forum. The forum is planned for March 2 and 3, 2007.